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What is a Management Fee?

A Management Fee is charged for services provided for the factoring of the common areas. This fee will generally be reviewed annually, and the Written Statement of Service will set out what this fee covers for your specific property and how and when annual revisions will be made. 

Management fees include: 

  Carrying out regular inspections of the block/development
  Arranging routine maintenance and repairs of the block/development common parts 
  Reacting to customer queries, requests for repair etc. 
  Liaising with contractors and tendering for the best service and price to ensure best value for our customers
  Ensuring works are carried out professionally, legally and safely 
  If required, facilitating meetings with owners, producing minutes and distributing to owners 
  Arranging buildings insurance for the owners within the block/development and providing adequate details to allow owners to make claims 
  Administrative costs relating to invoicing, letters and newsletters
  Providing credit control to ensure that everyone is invoiced for their respective share of costs and non-payers are actively pursued
  Working together with solicitors to recover outstanding debts on behalf of the owners within the block/development
  Liaising with energy suppliers to make sure all charges are accurate and fair
  Making payment of energy invoices and recovering the cost from the owners within the block/development for common supplies