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Service Complaints

We are committed to providing quality services that meet the individual needs of all our tenants – and we set high standards to try and make sure we achieve this. We also know our tenants and other customers have similarly high expectations of us.   We know there can be occasions where we fall short of our standards or do not fully meet these expectations. We have a detailed Complaints Handling Procedure that is designed to help us resolve any customer dissatisfaction quickly and as close to the point of service delivery as possible. It is based on a two stage approach: 

Complaints Handling Procedure: The 2-Stage Process


  • Straightforward complaints are handled quickly at this stage. 
  • Stage 1 complaints should take no longer than 5 working days to resolve. 
  • We would hope, for example, to be able to resolve many Stage 1 complaints by offering an ‘on the spot’ apology or explanation of why an issue occurred and what we will do to stop it happening again.

  • Complaints not resolved at stage 1 
  • Complaints at this stage are more complicated or need further investigation than Stage 1. 
  • 20 working day target applies to Stage 2 complaints. In practice, we will always aim to take less time than this.