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Cordale is run by a voluntary Management Committee .  They play a vital role in setting out our business plans and priorities and makes important decisions about our policies, services and activities.  They also ensure that we are a well governed organisation that complies with all legal and regulatory requirements and achieves good outcomes for our customers.  The Committee holds six business review meetings and three forward planning “strategy” meetings during the year.   Copies of minutes of our Management Committee meetings are available to view in the document library section of the website.   Along with our group partner, Caledonia Housing Association, we have a Group Audit & Risk Management Committee, which oversees our control systems, risk management and internal audit reports.  We also have a Group Remuneration Committee, which establishes and reviews staff terms, conditions and remuneration.  Both Committees consist of representatives of Cordale and Caledonia Housing Associations.  You can find more information about how our governance arrangements work in our Standing Orders.  Our Management Committee Members come from a range of backgrounds and provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to support all aspects of the work that we do.

Martin Walker

Martin has been a member of the Management Committee for the past 12 years and took over as Chair of the Management Committee in September 2020.

Martin became involved to give something back to the community and preserve the continuity of the great work that was done by previous committees.







Margaret MaCallion

Margaret has been a member of the Management Committee for 22 years.

Margaret is a retired midwife and has lived in Renton most of her life. She was Chair of the Association for 5 years and has been vice- chair for the last 2 years.

Margaret became involved to give something back to the community and feels that seeing changes discussed at the Management Committee meetings, go from plans to actual buildings and homes that make a difference to local people lives is really rewarding.



Eric Farren

Eric joined the Management Committee of Cordale Housing in September 2023.  He is also a member of the Group Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Eric has over 25 years’ experience in purchasing in private and social housebuilding and currently works as a purchasing manager in the construction industry.




Lillian Peters

Lillian was elected to the Management Committee of Cordale Housing Association in September 2016.  In addition to being on working groups from time to time, she has served within both the Group Remuneration Committee and Audit & Risk Management Committee.

Lillian is a Chartered Accountant who commenced working with RSL Social Landlords more than 20 years’ ago.  Lillian initially led staff teams within a Finance and Corporate environment but later moved into Data Analysis and Reporting, setting up her own Consultancy to support Housing Associations in their Board KPI and Annual ARC reporting.

When not staring at statistics and reading Committee papers, Lillian likes to bike and ice-skate.





Veronica Hamilton

Veronica has been a member of the Cordale Management Committee for a total of 20years.

In her time on the Committee she has held a number of positions including chair and vice chair and at present is the Health and Safety representative.

Now retired from work where she gained experience of working within a wide range of areas within housing including building, maintenance, contractors, workforce etc.




Chris Small

Chris joined the Cordale Management Committee in April 2021. Chris was looking for a local voluntary role where he could share some of his experiences and learn a number of new skills.   He was also appointed to the Group Remuneration Committee in September 2022.

Chris has spent many years working within the computer industry servicing many public sector customers including Housing Associations, over the past 15 years he has been actively working with the disposal of older technology, phones and computers with the focus of zero landfill.  With the recent government focus on Scotland becoming carbon neutral, this is an area where Chris feels he can share experience and work to understand how best the Association can work to meet the government targets.




Canon Peter McBride

Canon Peter joined the Cordale Management Committee in December 2022.

He was born in Renton at ‘Woodvale’ and his maternal grandparents home was at the south side of the village, he  always considered Renton to be ‘home’ despite leaving Renton at the age of 12 to be schooled at Langbank then Aberdeen before completing his studies at Cardross seminary. He spent 40 years in various parishes in Glasgow and had a six-year stint as an RN chaplain after living and working at the Kilmahew Drug Rehab Centre for four years. He returned to Renton as a parish priest of St Martin’s in September 2022.

Canon Peter has a love for this village with its history, its stunning setting, its characters and the social challenges it has faced throughout its 200plus years existence. The improvements in the housing stock have impressed him and he is delighted to play part in encouraging future regeneration and improvements in the Renton community, by his involvement with Cordale Housing Association.





Thomas Ewing

Thomas joined the Management Committee in September 2023.

He became involved to give something back to the community he was born and raised in and to learn a number of new skills. He is keen to play a part in making a difference to the Renton community.













Sharon Murray

Sharon is a local resident who joined the Committee in September 2023.

Sharon is a retired Social Worker and has experience working with Youth Groups within the local community. She became involved to give something back to the local community.





Gillian Robertson

Gillian Robertson was elected to the Management Committee in September 2023.

Gillian has extensive experience working within housing associations across Glasgow, Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire. Gillian has worked within housing management, regeneration, housing options and homelessness services for 18 years.


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There are 12 spaces on the Management Committee and 10 of these are currently filled.  We would be delighted to speak to anyone who would like to find out more about becoming involved.  Email us at: [email protected]