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Making changes to your tenancy

Sometimes you need to make changes to your tenancy agreement or update us on who lives in your home. You can complete the following tasks quickly and easily via our Connect App.


  • Add or remove someone from your household
  • Request a joint tenancy
  • Change from a joint tenancy to a sole tenancy
  • Ending your tenancy

Alternatively, please call us on 08006781228, contact our Customer Solutions Team via our our online form  or email [email protected]

Mutual Exchange

If you would like to move to a different property, you may be able to swap homes with another tenant; this is known as a mutual exchange.  Tenants of the association can apply to swap their house with another social housing tenant.  

If you want to apply please get in touch on 0800 678 1228

  • It’s a home swap with another social housing tenant
  • When you move home, you swap tenancies 
  • You can swap homes with any social housing or council tenant as long as they have the right to mutual exchange and agree to swap with you

  • Want to live in a new area: get a home closer to your work or children’s school
  • Need a smaller home: find a more manageable home if family members have moved out
  • Need a bigger home: benefit from extra space if you have more children
  • Are adapting to health changes; find a home without stairs or one with disabled access

To exchange homes, both tenants must have permission from their landlords. Landlords will normally only grant an exchange if: 

  • Neither tenant has outstanding rent arrears 
  • Neither tenant is moving to a home that the landlord thinks is too big or small for their circumstances. We will not allow our homes to become under-occupied or over-crowded
  • Both tenants are in secure tenancies (SST)
  • Neither tenant is in the process of being evicted
  • If the home is suitable for both parties who want to exchange (i.e. one home is adapted for a support need the other person does not have) 
  • If the tenant you are exchanging with agrees to become a tenant of Cordale Housing Association. 

You can apply for a mutual exchange with Cordale Housing Association by completing the Mutual Exchange Application Form.  Paper copies of the application form can be obtained from your Neighbourhood Officer.  Once complete please email the form to [email protected] or pass to your Neighbourhood Officer. 

The details of your property will be held securely by the Association and details of your property will be promoted on the Home Swap section of our website and on social media.  

Once you have found someone to swap with, you will both need to complete our Mutual Exchange form and provide ID documents.

Once we’ve received both the application and supporting documents, we then have 30 days to review your application and advise you of the outcome.