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Lightning Reach Partnership

Lightning Reach - Your One Stop Financial Support Portal

Financial support is available to support us through the cost of living crisis, but it’s often hard to find. A tangled web of grants, benefits, and funds mean millions of desperately needed pounds in cost of living help often go unclaimed. Take broadband social tariffs as an example: Just 3.2 per cent of those eligible to claim these discounts actually make use of them.

That’s why we have partnered with Lightning Reach. Their online portal helps you find and apply for different types of financial support in one place, quickly and safely.  This includes:

  • help with your household bills and other costs
  • grants from charities
  • funding from your local council

Compared to existing benefits or charity grant calculators, the portal pulls together support from a range of sources into one place – aiming to save users time as well as uncovering potentially hidden pots of money.

By completing their form you’ll be able to see all the support available to you. The portal will then let you know what support you might be able to get. It will also keep you updated if more options become available.

You can apply through the portal for many different sources of support, without having to give the same information over and over again.

How does it work?

It’s an easy 3-step process to find and apply for support from a single portal. It’s free, secure and takes just minutes to complete.

Sign up

Create a one-time profile which can be used to access a range of support.

Support Match

Check if you are eligible to apply for support from one or more of our providers.


Provide supporting evidence and submit your application for available support.


The Lightning Reach one stop portal has helped over 40,000 people access £4m in funding, with the average successful applicant claiming £1,000.00