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Gas Servicing

We are legally required to ensure all gas central heating systems in our properties are safe for use. This means they must be serviced once every year. We will let you know when the servicing is due and ask that you allow our contracted engineers access to carry this out. As necessary, we will always try to arrange a time and date that suits you. We find that most tenants are happy to allow access for the servicing work. However, we can, and do, take action to force entry where this is not the case. Here are some links for further information on gas safety and what to do in a gas emergency Find below some frequently asked questions (FAQ) by tenants about gas safety: why it is needed, why it is important & what you need to do.

Phone our Customer Solutions Team on 0800 678 1228 and we will reschedule for you. Please call as soon as possible, so we can ensure your gas installations are operating safely.

It is the law that your landlord has to carry out a gas safety check every year to ensure your home is safe.  We want you, your family and your neighbours to be safe. Over 4000 people become ill and around 30 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning.

We need to carry out the safety check far in advance of last year’s date to make sure any problems are resolved so you have a safe system before the date the service is due. This makes sure you have a safe system and that we have 100% of systems serviced by the due date.

If everything is OK with your system it should take between 40 minutes and an hour. If we find something wrong that needs repaired it will take longer. We will try and find a time that suits you. We can avoid the school run if you let us know. If it’s difficult for you to be there you could leave a key with someone you trust.

We are sorry if you feel you are getting too much contact from us, but the nearer it gets to the date it is due the more effort we need to put in to get hold of you. The sooner you make and keep an appointment the sooner we will stop trying to contact you. Please call us 0800 678 1228.

Yes, it is. If you have a prepayment meter we need you to have credit on both your electric and gas meter for us to carry out your service. If you are having difficulty call us on 0800 678 1228, we can help. Citizens Advice also has some fantastic support and advice at https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/scotland/consumer/energy/energy-supply/

Your gas system needs serviced every year whether you use it or not. There could be a problem with the flue or something else that you aren’t aware of and we want to make sure you are safe. Your safety is important, that’s why this is a legal requirement.

Unfortunately, if you do not contact us, and the expiry date of the safety check is soon we will have to send you a 24 hour notice to let you know we will have to force access to your property to service the system or cut off your gas supply. If we have to cut off your supply this means you will have no heating and hot water. Your tenancy agreement allows us this right. You may have to pay for the cost of this action.

This is a last resort and we do not want to have to cut off anyone’s gas supply or force entry to their home. Contact us now on 0800 678 1228 to arrange a convenient appointment.  HELP US KEEP YOU SAFE