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Factoring services

Caledonia provide factoring services and affordable home ownership throughout Scotland


What is a Factor? 

A Factor is a Property Manager who has been appointed to manage the communal areas within a development of flats and/or houses.  

What does a Factor do? 

A Factor will maintain the common areas within the development and some common parts of the building on behalf of the homeowners.  It is the homeowners’ responsibility to make sure the common parts of their building are kept up to standard and the factor is there to help owners do this effectively. If you live in a property with areas of common ownership or maintenance responsibilities, you and the other owners in the block and development will be responsible for the costs of maintaining and repairing these areas.   We provide a range of factoring services that include common grounds maintenance, common repairs, common insurance and common utilities to assist with this.

Being a Factored Owner 

As a factored owner you are responsible for a share of the costs of the services provided to your building or common areas. When you own a property you also have a shared responsibility for the insurance of the building and for the general tidiness and repair of all common areas. Your responsibilities and legal liability are outlined in the Deed of Conditions, which you sign when you buy your flat. 

People who use our Factoring Service


Our Shared Equity Owners

  • Who have purchased a large percentage of a property from us with the Scottish Government holding the remaining equity in the home

Right to Buy' Owners 

Scottish Governement's website
  • Who have own a property within one of our developments. Please note that Right to Buy ended for all council and housing association tenants in Scotland on 31 July 2016. Further information on the end of Right to Buy is available on the Scottish Governement's website

Factoring Customers

  • Any customers who would like to make use of our above factored services for their neighbourhood, block or development

Our Sharing Owners

  • Who own a percentage of their home and pay an occupancy payment to Caledonia Housing Association

Further information about the Factoring Services we provide along with answers to frequently asked questions and document links can be found by clicking HERE