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Alterations and Improvements

Can I make improvements to my home?


We all want our house to feel like a home – sometimes that means putting your own stamp on things. You can make alterations and improvements to your home, but we must approve these beforehand.  

Tenants wishing to carry out any alterations or improvements to their home must apply in writing to the Association and receive our written permission prior to any works being undertaken. 

This includes (but is not an exhaustive list) alterations and improvements to: 

  Installation of a shower, fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, or any electrical work 

  Replacing or moving fixtures such as lights, kitchen units, doors, taps or electric sockets 

  Any gas appliance such as a cooker or feature fire but not any form of bottled gas appliances which are not permitted under any circumstances 

  Fit Laminated flooring or any form of fixed flooring such as ceramic tiles 

  Erecting garden sheds, fences, satellite dishes or other external structures 

  Laying of a patio or other alterations in garden areas.


Depending on what you want to do we may ask for further information before we decide.  We might also insist that the work is undertaken in accordance with certain conditions. 

We’re happy to discuss your plans with you and provide advice where we can. A statutory Right to Compensation for Improvements scheme exists.  This means you may be able to claim back some of the costs of certain types of improvement work if you give up your tenancy at some point in future. 

Frequently asked questions

This can be completed via our Connect App, alternatively, you can complete our Alterations and Improvements Application Form or to obtain a paper copy of the application form, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 678 1228.  

We will acknowledge receipt in writing within 3 working days. We will then consider your proposal and if necessary, contact or visit you to obtain additional information or clarify any questions. If Planning Consent  and or a Building Warrant is required we will confirm that you must show these to us before you start the work.

You do not have to tell us if you plan to redecorate using wallpaper and paint. However, you do need to tell us if you wish to use textured finish paint on any wall or ceiling (such as Artex) or if you wish to add panelling to a wall for example.

Most applications will be straightforward and should be dealt with within 2 weeks (10 working days). Other may take longer but our aim will be to reply in writing within 28 days at the latest. If the proposal is very complicated we may need longer but we will keep you advised about when we expect to be able to reply.