Changes to Complaints Handling Procedure

Changes to Complaints Handling Procedure

Date Posted: 31st of March 2021

The Association’s Complaints Handling Procedures have been updated to align with the Scottish Public Services Ombudsmen (SPSO) Model Complaints Handling Procedure. 

Our Complaints Handling Procedure explains what a complaint is, how you can complain and explains how we will deal with your complaint, including how quickly we will respond. 

The main changes for tenants in our updated Complaints Handling Procedure is that there is now more information on what can and can’t be complained about.  The six month time limit for making a complaint has been extended to include Stage 2 complaints as well as Stage 1 complaints.  

We’ve also done some work to provide a variety of digital and non digital ways to complain and guidance on how to complain. All of this information, along with the new look Complaints Handling Procedure can be found on our website in the about us/complaints section.

If you have any questions about the changes, or would like assistance to make a complaint please contact us.

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