24th March 2020 Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Tenants & Visitors

24th March 2020 Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Tenants and Visitors

Date Posted: 24th of March 2020

24th March 2020 Update

In line with the Government’s announcement to implement strict social distancing and self-isolation rules to help control the spread of the virus, we are having to make some changes to our services. The changes are listed below:

To our general services:

  • Our office is closed to the public
  • Our Customer Solutions Team are still available by phone 01389 721216 or email info@cordalehousing.org.uk or via Connect
  • Our Neighbourhood Officers are working and are available to provide advice and assistance, however this will be strictly limited to contacts by phone, text or email
  • We will only be able to provide an emergency repair services and visits to service gas central heating systems – these are repairs that are essential to keeping your home safe and secure. A list of these repairs can be found here.

For our Very Sheltered Housing at Waterside View:

  • The communal lounge and areas are closed.
  • We will maintain services to clean communal areas to help prevent the spread of the virus, however this will be strictly within Government guidelines to protect staff and residents.
  • Our Very Sheltered Services will be maintained whilst staffing levels and Government guidelines permit them. However, strict controls will be applied to restrict access to essential visitors only.
  • Meals are being delivered directly to the flats

Don't forget we also have the connect app for you to get in touch. There are 3 simple steps to create a Connect account

  • Download the app by searching #connect-CHAGroup or type http://caledonia-live.panconnect.cloud/sg/ssp into your web browse
  • Click register: Add your tenancy number, postcode, surname,date of birth & postcode.
  • Put in your email and create a password.

You are now connected to all your tenancy information, that simple!

We will continue to update you as with any changes to our services as they happen. If you are concerned please contact us on 01389 721216

Thanks for your understanding in these exceptional times and for helping us to help you stay safe.

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