Cordale new office sod cutting

Construction of new Cordale Housing Association Office underway in Renton

Date Posted: 16th of March 2018

The transformation of Renton High Street formally began on Thursday with a ceremonial Sod Cutting ceremony to mark the start of the construction of Cordale Housing Association’s new office.

The new office will transform the heart of Renton, replacing long-standing empty shops and revitalising an area that had been in environmental decline. Cordale HA were keen to ensure the start of the construction of this building involved the whole community with pupils from the local St Martins and Renton Primary School’s attending the gathering along with Cordale HA committee members, Cordale HA staff, Caledonia Housing Association staff, Grant Murray Architects and representatives from Clark Contracts.

Margaret McCallion Chair of Cordale Housing Association spoke movingly before the sod cutting saying:
“I’ve lived in this village all of my life; I take enormous pride in the fact that Cordale’s new office will regenerate and renew a key part of Renton.
What we are accomplishing today demonstrates how Cordale Housing Association can be more than a landlord. How we can use our resources to deliver wider social good, by revitalising a key part of the local community.
A few years ago, the thought of building a new office would have been a fanciful dream. Developing the right partnerships can extend our reach and enable Cordale to deliver so much more for our community. Accordingly I would like to thank our partners, Caledonia Housing Association, for their help supporting us fulfil our vision of building a new Cordale office in the heart of Renton.
As Chair of Cordale Housing Association, I want to make sure that my legacy provides the foundations that ensure a bright and successful future for cordale. Looking to the future I am delighted the children of Renton and St Martins Primary Schools were able to attend and invest in the legacy we are hoping to create for them.”
Michael Scanlan, Director, Clark Contracts said “We are looking forward to working with Cordale Housing Association and their design team to deliver this project for the local community.”

The contract was awarded to Clark Contracts following a pre-qualification stage and competitive tender process. The two storey building will be constructed over a ten month period and is expected to be opened in early 2019.

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