New Logo for Cordale

New Logo for Cordale

Date Posted: 21st of July 2014

Cordale are delighted to launch their new look logo.

Cordale’s Committee of Management approved the new logo based on the premiss that there have been changes within the Association over the last 12 months and the Association’s logo and general image should reflect these changes.

Isabel Barr, Committee of Management Chair said, “Cordale has a new partnership with Caledonia Housing Association, and a new determination to leave our troubles of the past behind us. The old logo no longer represents the Association. We need a fresh start for Cordale’s new era – it is a new direction and focus.”

The new logo carries a more modern design but still retains elements from the old version, such as the heron. The name Cordale is Gaelic for ‘field of heron’ and can be traced back to the 13th century when Robert the Bruce roamed the lands at Renton.

The new logo also incorporates fresh elements such as a rooftop over the Cordale name to represent what they do, with a shift towards using more fresher and modern colours and updated font.

By the end of the summer, they will also be launching an all-new website that will provide a more compelling and user-friendly experience, allowing visitors to access updated information faster.

Isabel concluded, “We are very proud of our new look. We hope you like it too.“

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