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Connect is our digital self service portal allowing you to access information about your tenancy from any digital device at any time of the day or night. The Connect portal allows you to make rent payments and to make service requests such as:

  • Reporting a repair (view our online demonstration of how easy it is to use the Repair Wizard here)
  • Requesting an inspection
  • Changing your details - household composition and contact details
  • Giving us feedback
  • Registering a complaint

The portal is a secure interface between you and your information at Cordale. No one else can access this information or update it. All notifications made via the portal are recorded for you to review in your Connect account and communication is retained within a dedicated Connect channel.

Click on the picture below to watch our short animation about what Connect can do and how to set up your account.

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Instructions to set up a Connect Account

To log on to Connect please click the following link or type into your web browser (such as Google, Bing or MSN) or search #connect-CHAGroup in your app store or google play to download the app.

create a connect account stage 1

create a connect account stage 2

create a connect account stage 3