How to become a member…

We promote open membership and welcome applications from anyone, over the age of 16, who is interested. We are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity and encouraging diversity. As such we treat all individuals fairly, regardless of their circumstances or personal characteristics. We are also keen to ensure our membership reflects the communities we serve. There are very few occasions when we refuse membership. This might be the case however, if there is a clear conflict between your interests and ours. We have a detailed Membership Policy that explains this in full. If you would like to become a member, please complete the attached application form and return it with £1 to us. This £1 will represent your share in Cordale. (It is not possible to buy more than one share.) The Management Committee will consider your application at its next meeting. If your membership is approved, you should receive a share certificate shortly after as confirmation.

Want to find out more?
You can speak to a member of staff there by telephoning 01389 721216. We also have a range of other information leaflets all about us, our services and activities, which are freely available on our website or from our offices.

You can also download our How to Become Association Membership leaflet and Application Form.

Ultimately, becoming an association member means you can stand for election to the Management Committee. For more information please download a copy of our leaflet.