Management Committee

The Management Committee is ultimately responsible for deciding on our strategic direction.

It sets the Association’s values and standards and monitors the extent to which we are achieving our high level aims and ambitions. It is also responsible for ensuring we fulfil our legal responsibilities and meet the expectations of our regulators.

There are 12 places on our Management Committee. Committee members all give their time on a voluntary basis, receiving no payment. They bring considerable knowledge and expertise from a variety of different backgrounds.

The Management Committee meets ten times during the year.

quotes from the local voices of the management committee

To find out more about Members of our Management Committee please click on the names below to see a short interview article with each member highlighting all the different backgrounds, motivations and benfits of being involved with Cordale's Management Committee

Martin Walker, Chair of Cordale's Management Committee

Margaret McCallion, Vice Chair of Cordale's Management Committee

Veronica Hamilton, Member of Cordale's Management Committee

Lillian Peters, Member of Cordale's Management Committee

Pauline Burke, Member of Cordale's Management Committee

Chris Small, Member of Cordale's Management Committee

Vivian McIlhargey, Member of Cordale's Management Committee

Graham Logan, Member of Cordale's Management Committee (Caledonia representative)

The 2021 Management Committee leaflet provides an insight into the Committee's mission, achievements in the last year and looks forward to what is coming next for the Committee in 2021/22.


Think it sounds interesting? Get involved!

We are always looking for more voices to join the Committee and make a positive difference to our homes and services. Email to find out more