New Affordable Housing in Renton and Alexandria

New Affordable Housing in Renton and Alexandria

Date Posted: 29th of April 2015

The start of a significant and comprehensive development of affordable housing in central Alexandria was marked by a “Cutting the Sod” ceremony in central Alexandria on Thursday, April 23, 2015.

Caledonia Housing Association, working in partnership with Cordale Housing Association, the Robertson Group and Dunbritton Housing Association, are commencing work to provide 55 new affordable rented homes on this key site in central Alexandria, formerly the site of the Kippen Dairy and Leven Cottage Hospital.

The new homes include 42 one and two bedroom flats, 2 wheelchair adapted flats, and 11 two, three and four bedroom houses, all for rent. Designed to high quality standards, including enhanced energy efficiency levels, the construction of these homes will signify the beginning of a transformation of the centre of Alexandria, and at the same time provide much needed affordable housing in the area.

Dunbritton Housing Association will be the landlord for 6 of the properties with the remainder being managed by Cordale Housing Association as part of its partnership with Caledonia Housing Association.

This project is one of three new affordable housing developments due to commence shortly, the other two being located in John Street and Main Street, both in Renton. These two projects will involve over 30 new and refurbished homes. These will all be managed by Cordale Housing Association.

These developments were part of the commitment made when Cordale Housing Association became part of the Caledonia Group in April 2014.

Isabel Barr, Chairperson of Cordale Housing Association, stated, “It is fantastic that the Alexandria and Renton communities will benefit from these new homes. It will help increase the supply of affordable homes and enhance the physical environment. The town centre of Alexandria will be transformed and it will 

make a significant difference to Main Street in Renton. The commitment to progress these developments was a key priority of our partnership with Caledonia Housing Association.

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