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Who may become a Member?

Anyone who is aged 18 or over (or aged 16 or 17 if you are a Cordale Housing Association tenant) may apply to become a member.


How much does Membership cost?

Membership is also known as buying a share of the Association and costs £1.00 for a lifetime membership.


What are the benefits of Membership?

Being a member of Cordale Housing Association entitles you to be involved in the Association’s activities and have a say in how we run our business.


You will:


·        be invited to our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held in September each year.  You will receive an agenda for the meeting, a copy of any reports that require approval and a copy of the annual accounts for the previous financial year, which also require approval at the AGM.


·         be invited to any Special General Meeting.


·         be able to vote at our AGM on:

-      the appointment of the auditor

-      any changes to the Associations rules

-      election of Management Committee members

-      other matters on which a vote may be called


·          be able to stand for election to become a member of our Management Committee.  To do this another member of the Association must nominate you.


·          be able to formally raise matters of general concern at our AGM when the Management Committee members are present, and informally discuss those issues raised after the formal business of the AGM is closed.


·          receive a copy of the Association’s Rules and a share certificate.


·          be able to request copies of our Management Committee meeting minutes.


·          be invited to any Members meetings.


·          receive copies of the Association’s annual report and members newsletters or flyers.


Who decides if my application is accepted?

Our Management Committee has the authority to decide to whom they will grant membership to.  All applications for membership will be considered.


What happens when my Membership is approved?

You will receive a letter of acceptance, a share certificate and a copy of the Association’s rules.


What happens if my application is not accepted?

In the unusual event of an application being unsuccessful, a statement of the reasons for refusal will be given to you in writing within seven working days.  You will have one further opportunity to appeal against the original decision, and give reasons why the decision should be changed.  The Management Committee will consider your appeal at the next meeting, and their decision on that occasion will be final.


How long does it take to become a Member?

Applications for Membership are considered by the Management Committee under the agenda item ‘Use of Seal’. This is a standing item on the Management Committee meeting agenda.  Committee meetings are held on a monthly basis, except in July and December, when there is a recess.


Can my Membership be cancelled?

In line with the Association’s Rules, your membership can cease when:


·         you resign by giving written notice to the Secretary.


·         you expelled in accordance with the Association’s Rules.


·         you change address but you do not inform the Association of your new address within 3 months, unless your new address is also a property of the Association.


·         you die.


The £1 membership fee is not refundable on termination of your membership.


How do I apply for Membership?

Simply complete the application form from our downloads section or you can request an application from our office by calling 01389 721216 or by emailing us. This requires to be returned to our office along with your £1 membership fee.


Where can I get further information?

If you would like further information about the Association’s Membership you can request a copy of the Membership Policy from our office or you can download a copy form our media centre.


Cordale Housing Association's Rules

PDF IconCordale Housing associations Rules

Last updated on 3rd Oct 2012
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Cordale Housing Association is a recognised Scottish Charity (SC032859)
and is registered under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act No. 2411 R(S) and
with The Scottish Housing Regulator No. 259

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